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My name is Nathan, the owner and founder of Digital Q. I’ve been in the virtual assistant space for over two years, with a focus on email and WordPress management.

But what is a virtual assistant, and why should you employ one?

You might have heard of that business adage about how you should spend 20% of your time working on things that will help you grow your business and 70% of your week doing stuff that makes you money. But how on earth do you divvy up that time? And how do you make time to learn all the skills required to manage a website, let alone keep on top of your every growing email inbox.

That’s where Digital Q can help, we can help you clean out your inbox systematically and keep it that way, prioritising the emails you only need to respond to, thus alleviating your workload to concentrate on more important tasks.

We can also respond to customer service emails and help with wordpress website management tasks in order to keep your website running smoothly.

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