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Email Management Services

How’s your email inbox looking? How many unread emails are there? How hard is it to find that critical email you remember reading sometime, somewhere? How many opportunities have you missed because you can’t find time to keep on top of your email inbox.

That’s where I can help.

How Do I Manage Your Inbox

  • I’ll scan every email that arrives in your inbox.
  • I’ll delete the spam, and notify you of all the critical and urgent emails that need your attention.
  • You can also delegate some replies to me: emails that need a quick but straightforward response, but that don’t need your direct attention.

Not only that, but I’ll

  • declutter and organise your inbox in a way that makes sense to you as an individual, and to the daily needs of your business.
  • An organized inbox gives you the power to find the emails you need when you want, first time every time.

Contact me today to discuss how I can make your life easier by helping you to manage your emails, and organize your inbox.

Wordpress Management Services

Having an online presence is crucial for any business, and WordPress is one of the best platforms for hosting business websites and is used by over 75 million websites worldwide.

But it’s not an easy platform to manage: all those settings and plugins and JetPacks and spam and statistics and customisations? They take time to learn and master. No doubt you’ve got better things to do with your time that becoming a WordPress expert.

How Can I Help Manage Your WordPress Site?

I can look after a range of WordPress features for you, including:

  • Managing WordPress updates, plugin updates, backups, spam management, and site security.
  • I can help you with web hosting support and website migrations, theme customisations, and plugin enablement.

I can also help build website features such as contact forms, and enable e-commerce functionality so that your customers can purchase your products and services online. Plus, I’ll look after third-party implementation for services such as MailChimp or PayPal.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you manage your WordPress site, and free up your time to focus on the things that help you grow your business and make money.

Get Started Today

We’d love to get started helping you. We are ready to tackle any project, big or small and we offer flexible package options to help. Need something else? Contact us and we’ll see if we can assist.

Customer Service Packages

Basic Clean
  • 3hrs of initial clean up & organisation
  • Up to 3hrs per week of customer service email managment
Standard Clean
  • 3hrs of inital clean up
  • Up to 6hrs per week of customer service emails and organisation

Email Clean Up Packages

Basic Email Clean Up
  • A one time inbox clean up and organisation of up to 20k emails
  • Clean up to 20,000 emails
  • Set up folders or tags
  • Set up filters for incoming emails
  • Clean up inbox backlog
  • Unsubscribe from junk and other lists
Detailed Email Clean
  • A one time inbox clean up and organisation of 20k+ emails
  • Clean up of 20,000 or more emails
  • Set up folders or tags
  • Set up filters for incoming email
  • Clean up inbox backlog
  • Unsubscribe from from junk and other lists
Inbox Maintenance Plan
  • Add on package to the clean up packages
  • Up to 3hrs per week of inbox maintenance
  • Daily inbox checks to clear unwanted mail and tag high priority mail
  • Maintain filters and labels so you know what needs your attention
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